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When you're on the go, go, go, sometimes you just don't have the time for a normal social life. That's where Demo Company's Robot Friends can help! For the guys, we offer the Ultimate Buddy™— a real pal who's guaranteed to be the life of the party, even if it's just you, him and a stack of Jackie Chan DVDs. Features include the Bottomless Beer Keg™, a universal remote, 24-hour satellite access to our sports statistics database, and the unstoppable robot will to have fun, fun, and even more fun!

Robot Female Friend For career women with no time to make friends, we offer Go Girl™— just a regular gal to hang out with who won't steal your thunder! Always supportive, programmed to act in your best interests, and equipped with a built-in Fashion Bargain Detector, this unit's sense of style can be programmed to match your own, from haute couture to trailer park chic. Other features include the Multidimensional Handbag™ (ideal for impromptu shopping sprees), an Instantaneous Makeover Gun, and 24-hour satellite access to our celebrity gossip database.

Exessive use of Bottomless Beer Keg may prompt Ultimate Buddy to take away your PSV keys. Go Girl's programming will not allow use of the Multidimensional Handbag for shoplifting, smuggling, or other illegal activities. Laboratory tests indicate that naming Robot Friends after characters from Melrose Place may cause them to become treacherous and unreliable. Should this occur, Demo Company is not legally responsible.

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